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At Promptus LLC, we help businesses from all over the world arrange shipments between the United States and Canada and countries throughout the Americas through different shipping modes such as full container loads (FCL), Less than container loads (LCL), air, breakbulk, and much more. With over 15 years of experience, we feel confident in our ability to respond to your shipping needs, not only effectively but also with cost-efficient rates. If your business is considering shipping goods to any of the South or Central American countries, we invite you to visit their corresponding page below to learn more about their ports and popular imports.

We offer air and ocean shipping options to select countries in the Americas:

North America

Central America

South America

Helpful Information Regarding International Freight Forwarding

Please remember that there may be certain restrictions on exports into any of the above-
mentioned countries, as well as import restrictions into the United States or Canada of certain
goods coming from these countries. Additionally, we urge you to learn about any tariffs, fees, or
requirements before shipping items into another country. If you prefer to work with a team of
professionals who can assist you through this process, and figuring out certain country
restrictions, contact our office today at 1-877-776-6799.

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