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Transporting Cargo To and From Bolivia
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Bolivia is a landlocked country, nestled between Peru, Chile, Argentina, Paraguay, and Brazil; because it doesn’t have direct access to the sea, ocean shipping must be facilitated through its neighboring countries. Since Promptus, LLC offers numerous shipping methods that can be combined via land, air, or sea, we can help you get your cargo to Bolivia with little to no problem.

Main Ports and Airports in Bolivia


Since Bolivia does not have direct access to the Pacific Ocean, it uses seaports in Peru, Argentina, Brazil, and Chile. The most commonly used ports for cargo bound to Bolivia are: Arica (Chile), Iquique (Chile), Antofagasta (Chile). There is a small port within the country, though it sits on the Paraguay River. This port is known as:

  • Puerto Aguirre


There are a few significant airports in Bolivia, most of which handle passenger travel domestically and internationally through the country, however, only the following can handle international cargo transportation:

  • El Alto International Airport (LPB)
  • Viru Viru International Airport (VVI)

Viru Viru is the country’s largest international airport, and regularly operates cargo flights to and from the United States, primarily Miami. Transportes, more commonly known as TAB Airlines, is the primary cargo air carrier for Bolivia.


Import/Export Info Between the US/Canada and Bolivia

Bolivia’s export economy currently ranks as the 93rd largest in the world. It is the US’ 88th largest trading partner, grossing around $1.2B worth of goods in two-way trading (2017).

Also in 2017, the United States ranked Bolivia as the 88th biggest market for export, generating $595M in total trade. Unfortunately, this is a 9.5% decrease from 2016. Still, as business continues to move forward, the top exports from the US and Canada to Bolivia are:

  • Machinery
  • Aircrafts
  • Precious metals and stones, such as jewelry
  • Optical and medical instruments and equipment
Bolivia is the US 87th largest supplier of imported goods into the US. In 2017, trade was down almost 42% from the year prior, generating only $567M. The most popular products coming from Bolivia include:

  • Precious metals and stones, such as gold
  • Tin
  • Edible fruit nuts, such as brazil nuts
  • Cereals, such as quinoa

How Much Does It Cost to Arrange Transport To/From Bolivia

At Promptus LLC, we have over 15 years of experience coordinating global logistics. Our team is always available to help you with all your freight forwarding needs, including warehousing and distribution. In addition to helping you get the best rate on international shipping options to and from Bolivia, we can set you up with a Licensed Customs Broker to facilitate any CBP paperwork! Contact us at 1-877-776-6799 to learn more about our import/export services today.

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