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Transporting Cargo To and From Paraguay
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Paraguay sits towards the bottom of South America, landlocked between Argentina, Bolivia, and Brazil. It is one of the smaller countries on the continent, and the only other landlocked country, along with Bolivia. The Paraguay River plays a significant role in helping facilitate cargo shipments in and out of the area. Promptus LLC is based in Miami, FL, and helps to coordinate transport between Latin American and the US/Canada. We can help you with ocean, air, and land shipment to and from Paraguay.

Main Ports and Airports in Paraguay


Because Paraguay does not have direct access to the sea, the only ports they have are situated on rivers. Here are the current riverports:

  • Puerto de Ita Enramada (Asuncion)
  • Port of Villeta
  • Port of San Antonio
  • Port of Encarnacion

The Asuncion Port and the Villeta Port handle the majority of cargo coming into Paraguay, and they are both located on the Paraguay River.

Paraguay has many airports in the country, although it uses only one for international cargo:

  • Guaraní International Airport

Import/Export Info Between the US/Canada and Paraguay

Paraguay has the 87th largest export economy in the world. Currently, it stands as the US’ 73rd goods trading partner, with $2.8B generated in two-way trade.

In exports, the US ranks Paraguay as our 54th largest market, earning $2.7B in 2017, a 38% increase from the previous year and a 119.9% increase since 2007. These are the most popular US exports to Paraguay:

  • Electrical machinery and machinery
  • Mineral fuels
  • Toys and sports equipment
  • Perfumery and cosmetics

The US ranks Paraguay as the 117th most significant supplier of goods. Imports in 2017 were down 16% from 2016, generating only $125M in trade, but this is an 84% increase since 2007. Popular imports from Paraguay include:

  • Sugar
  • Grains, seeds, and fruit
  • Animal products (other)
  • Wood and wood products
  • Electrical machinery

Arranging Cargo Transport Between the United States/Canada and Paraguay

Does your company need assistance facilitating shipments between the United States or Canada and Paraguay? Promptus LLC offers international ocean shipping services, as well as warehousing and distribution and customs brokerage! With over 15 years of experience, we can help coordinate affordable and reliable transport in countries throughout Latin and South America. Contact us today at to get a quote for freight forwarding services!

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