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Transporting Goods To and From Costa Rica
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Costa Rica is a small country in Central America that sits between the Caribbean and Pacific Ocean, with borders with Nicaragua and Panama. It is well-known for not only being extremely environmentally friendly but its produce as well, which is one of its top exports. With business continuously growing throughout Latin America, our team has partnered up with countless businesses to coordinate shipments from the US and Canada to Costa Rica (and others) via air, sea, and/or land. Whether you need to coordinate an FCL (full container load) or only have enough cargo for an LCL (less than load), Promptus LLC is here to help.

Main Ports and Airports in Costa Rica


  • Port Caldera
  • Port Golfito
  • Port Limon
  • Port Moin
  • Port Puntarenas
  • Port Quepos

Costa Rica is a major player in the import/export industry of Latin America, with most of the cargo coming through Puerto Limon. The port was founded in 1854 and to this day remains the central hub for Costa Rican trade. Its geographical position allows for easier access by sea than some of the neighboring countries. Another major seaport is the Port of Caldera, which sits on the Pacific Ocean side of Costa Rica. Depending on your business needs, we can help to facilitate cargo transport from the US or Canada to either of these ports.

While there are four international airports throughout Costa Rica, not all are designated for major international travel and shipments. The most important one is:

  • Juan Santamaria International Airport

Serving the capital city of San Jose, this airport is the entry point for most cargo coming in and out of Costa Rica from the US or Canada.

Useful Information About Shipping to Costa Rica

Costa Rica is the US’s 44th largest trade partner, grossing around $10.7 billion in total (two-way) estimated goods trade value.

In 2017, the US grossed around $6.2B in exports to Costa Rica, ranking them the 38th largest Central American country to receive goods from the US.

Some popular categories that businesses have exported from the US/Canada to Costa Rica are:

  • Medical instruments
  • Mineral fuels
  • Plastics

When it comes to importing goods into the US, Costa Rica ranks as our 50th largest supplier, grossing around $4.6B in imports in 2017. Costa Rica’s most popular exports to the US and Canada include:

  • Optical and medical instruments
  • Edible fruit and nuts
  • Electrical machinery
  • Coffee, tea, and spice
  • Rubber

Arranging Transport of Cargo To/From Costa Rica

The Promptus, LLC team has over 15 years of experience and is available to help get the best rate on international shipping between the US/Canada and Costa Rica. We offer a range of services to help you with all your freight forwarding needs. Whether you need help coordinating an intermodal shipment or need a Licensed Customs Broker, you can contact us at to get a quote today!

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