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Do you need help facilitating shipments to and from select countries in the Caribbean Islands? Promptus LLC specializes in imports and exports all over the world, but our headquarters near the Port of Miami allows us to provide streamlined services to countries in the Caribbean. We can help with large full truckload (FTL) shipments and small less-than-load (LTL) arrangements. No matter what your needs, we can get you the best deal on air, sea, and land shipments.

We offer premium shipping options to select countries in the Caribbean:

Helpful Information Regarding International Freight Forwarding

There may be restrictions on certain exports coming from the Caribbean Islands, as or you may be subject to import limitations with the United States or Canada. Additionally, it’s recommended that you research any corresponding tariffs, fees, or requirements that you may be subject to prior to facilitating an international shipment. To learn more about what you may need to ship to countries throughout the Caribbean, contact Promptus LLC 1-877-776-6799.

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