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Transporting Cargo To and From Jamaica
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Jamaica is a famous Caribbean Island, well-known for its beautiful beaches and lush agriculture. It’s is a popular tourist destination, but also generates a significant amount of trade thanks to its abundance of natural resources. If you are looking to transport cargo in or out of Jamaica, Promptus LLC can help you! We offer land, air, and sea shipping options, or a combination of all three.

Main Ports and Airports in Jamaica


There are three major ports in Jamaica, all run by the Port Authority of Jamaica. They are known as:

  • Kingston Container Terminal
  • Port of Montego Bay
  • Port of Ocho Rios

These three harbors handle the majority of trade passing through Jamaica, with the Kingston Port being the central hub.

Jamaica is conveniently situated along air routes, with two main airports handling cargo. These are:

  • Norman Manley International Airport (Kingston)
  • Sangster International Airport (Montego Bay)

Norman Manley handles the bulk of inbound and outbound trade.

Import/Export Info Between the US/Canada and Jamaica

Jamaica is the 141st largest economy in the world, with about 40% of the country’s trading happening with the United States.

In regards to imports, almost half of Jamaica’s imported goods come from the US, including:

  • Foods and other consumer goods
  • Industrial supplies
  • Fuel
  • Machinery and transport equipment
  • Construction materials

The main exports from Jamaica’s to the US are:

  • Aluminum
  • Bauxite
  • Sugar
  • Rum
  • Coffee

How Much Does It Cost to Arrange Transport To/From Jamaica

Promptus LLC operates out of the US/Canada, with our headquarters near the Port of Miami. We specialize in helping clients transport merchandise between the Caribbean Islands, and Central and South America. Our staff is knowledgeable in global logistics solutions and can offer you ocean shipping options as well as warehousing and distribution to help you organize every aspect of your freight forwarding needs! Contact us today at 1-877-776-6799 learn more about our import/export services!

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