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Freight Shipping Solutions to Trinidad and Tobago
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Trinidad and Tobago are twin islands that sit off the coast of Venezuela. A part of the Lesser Antilles in the Caribbean and is an important player in the trade within the region. If your business is looking to export goods to the islands or any country throughout South and Central America, we are here to assist you. Whether you are looking to transport goods via land, sea, or air transportation, our team will help find the best way to get your cargo to its destination quickly and safely!

Main Ports and Airports in Trinidad and Tobago


While there are over 10 active seaports in Trinidad and Tobago, only the following three handle the bulk of the country’s imports and exports:

  • Port of Spain
  • Port of Scarborough
  • Port of Point Lisas

The Port of Spain is the main seaport, operating off Trinidad Island. The Point Lisas port is also located on Trinidad, while the Scarborough port is on Tobago Island.

Being such a small, archipelagic state, Trinidad and Tobago doesn’t have many international airports servicing cargo transportation in and out of the country. The two that do are:

  • Piarco International Airport (Trinidad)
  • Arthur Napoleon Raymond Robinson International Airport (Tobago)

Import/Export Info Between the US/Canada and Trinidad and Tobago

Currently, Trinidad and Tobago’s economy is ranked as the 92nd largest in the world and 58th with the United States, specifically. According to the most recent data, Trinidad and Tobago grossed $5.13B in two-way trade with the US.

US exports to these islands averaged about $1.81B, mainly from the following products:

  • Machinery parts
  • Aircraft parts
  • Cell phone equipment

In 2017, imports from Trinidad and Tobago into the States generated $3.31B. Here are the top imports entering the US:

  • Gasoline and petroleum gases
  • Ammonia
  • Acyclic alcohols

We’ll Take Care of Arranging Shipments and Customs for You

Our team is here to help you export goods to countries in the Caribbean such as Trinidad and Tobago from any state within the United States and Canada. With headquarters in South Florida, our staff is dedicated to providing you with high-quality global logistics services, including ocean shipping options and a customs broker. Contact us today at 1-877-776-6799 to speak with a member of our team and to receive a quote.

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