Ecommerce is undoubtedly booming. In 2021, eCommerce retail sales are estimated to reach levels never seen before. New data estimates that worldwide retail eCommerce businesses could see up to a 265% growth rate.

As this industry reaches new heights an experienced 3rd Party Logistics company (3PLs) such as Promptus can help you achieve the success you have been aiming for.

One of the most important factors for a successful eCommerce venture is the election of the platform that will support your business. This is particularly important for small businesses looking to launch and manage an online store. In the last decade, a number of robust platforms have emerged and are being widely used amongst entrepreneurs and small business owners. Below a summary of some of the most popular:


Shopify is one of the most known names in eCommerce platforms amongst businesses large and small. Shopify is ideal for small business owners because the website builder interface is easy to use allowing business owners to customize their online store without having to have a technical or coding background. Shopify is also flexible to grow with your business. Upgrading a site once a business grows can be done by simply adjusting plans or themes. One of the biggest benefits of using Shopify for small businesses is the fees. There are no transaction fees if products are purchased directly from your site.


The second most popular e-commerce platform for small businesses is BigCommerce. This platform is ideal for small businesses that want to create a website integrated with social media. BigCommerce allows for business owners to sell their products through more than one medium, meaning you can have storefronts integrated into other websites or online retailers. Similarly, to Shopify, BigCommerce is easy to use and does not require a coding or technical background.


For small businesses looking to save on the cost of an eCommerce platform, Selz is one of the most economical, since it offers flexible options for plans ranging from standard to pro. The standard plan offers all the basics for small business owners to get started, with many themes to choose and customize from to help you design a website. Like Shopify and BigCommerce, Selz is user-friendly, no coding or design background is required.

Wix Ecommerce

If your business is in the very early stages with limited product selection, Wix Ecommerce could be one of the best options. The use of Wix Ecommerce is popular because it has a ‘drag and drop’ tool, which makes it easy for users to add and remove features quickly and efficiently. Additionally, Wix connects businesses to other sales channels, making it easy for store owners to list and sell products through other online storefronts like Facebook, eBay, or Instagram shops.

Now that you know more about eCommerce platforms for small businesses, it is time to think about what is best for you. Here at Promptus we offer complete Order Fulfillment services. We look forward to working for you on your Ecommerce project. Contact Promptus today for any further information.