Discover How a Dimensioner Can Change Your Shipping Experience

When shopping online or placing a wholesale order, many people don’t put much thought into anything but the items they want. In reality, there is a very complex system in place that helps ensure the proper items are distributed to the correct recipients on a day-to-day basis. Even when purchasing items in a store, there are a lot of components that go into ensuring the items on the shelf arrive at their destination from the original warehouse or manufacturer.

For those in the shipping industry, they understand inventory processing and warehouse distribution is one of the most important steps, aside from the actual transportation. It is a key link in the supply chain, and can often involve complicated and high-paced processes. This typically involves receiving, sorting, processing, and shipping a variety of products for different recipients. Thankfully, advances in technology and huge strides are being made in the logistics industry. As such, there are plenty of options for automation available today for freight forwarding and warehousing companies.

The Convenience of Fulfillment and Warehousing Services

Let’s say you own a small-scale shop online where you sell shirts manufactured overseas by a third-party company. This shop is managed and run completely from the comfort of your living room, but you manage to fulfill hundreds of orders all over the world every month. How do you ensure that all of your customers receive their goods when you never even see them? That’s where a fulfillment and warehousing logistics team comes in handy!

A 3PL or third-party logistics service, like Promptus LLC, can help clients who operate these type of businesses and others with similar needs. We provide the space, technology, tools, and transportation while the customer operates customer service, the front-end, and product listings. Many companies also opt for fulfillment or warehousing services when their current needs expand beyond their current space, as we can help offer an extra hand when your business starts to grow! With the proper company, fulfillment services can save you money and time, while simultaneously delivering a seamless integration that helps boost efficiency for everyone.

How Automatization Makes Everyone’s Life Easier

Technology these days is all about making things easier for its users. From computers to mobile devices to transportation, there are new options constantly popping up to help us automate tasks that may otherwise be tedious or time-consuming. Naturally, larger-scale automation tools are for commercial purposes, such as in factories or warehouses where fast-paced operations take place in short periods of time. In a fulfillment and distribution warehouse, for example, automatic systems, like storage and retrieval, order picking, and execution, can help speed things along and reduce mistakes.

Items like a dimensioner can help to streamline services at a warehousing site. Rather than having workers struggle with weighing, measuring, and recording the info for each and every package that enters, a dimensioner can help to automate this process.

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A dimensioner is a logistics tool that helps to acquire precise and accurate specs of the pallets or packages being received at a warehouse for further shipping. It also captures pictures of the cargo. All this information is uploaded into a WMS (Warehouse Management System), which you can access remotely from any computer or device with internet access providing you in real-time visibility of your cargo.

This allows workers to focus on areas where manual direction is still required without sacrificing time. A device like a dimensioner can actually help to make the process faster, which means you can prepare and ship more packages per day. This can eventually help lead to an increase in business and revenue!

Working With a 3PL

Third-party warehouse and distribution companies can help to take care of all the logistics of your company, leaving you free to handle the important aspects that require constant attention. Things like warehouse costs, additional employees, shipping negotiations, and in-house supply chains are a thing of the past, with 3PL services like warehousing and distribution from Promptus LLC! We employ high-end automation tools, services, and software that allows us to provide each client with dedicated international import and export services. We also offer freight forwarding and Customs Brokerage services to help deliver a full-scale approach. Contact us at 1-877-776-6799 to receive a quote today!