Changing the Way We Ship and Receive Goods

In the last few years, huge strides have been made in the way items are delivered to our homes. Food options, for example, have evolved well beyond the traditional pizza and Chinese options, going so far as to provide instant delivery from restaurants miles away from an app on your smartphone, used by busy parents, working professionals, or just about anyone who simply doesn’t want to leave their house. Plus, with popular online retailers offering lightning fast delivery options, like one-day or even same-day services, customers all over the world are enjoying the benefits of these advancements.

The above example is just to put in perspective how technology is affecting every aspect of our lives. In this blog, we want to elaborate on what type of advancements will we start to see in the coming years as shipping technology develops.

The Future is Now

Once, self-driving cars and drones were only seen in futuristic movies. Today, there’s a good possibility you may see one or both of these technological advancements while walking down the street! Drones are especially popular and have many different uses, including the ability to carry and deliver items. Also called unmanned aerial vehicles, or UAVs, drone technology is not necessarily new, but it is becoming more affordable and available to consumers who want to use it to take pictures, record videos, or for security purposes, to name a few. As early as this year, however, we will see drone functions evolve, allowing companies to program them to complete automatic deliveries to homes across the country!

Self-driving cars, on the other hand, are steadily becoming more available. Many car companies continue to explore driver-less cars technology and are even offering autopilot options on new models. Many transportation companies are also testing automatic vehicles that can help deliver people and cargo safely to and from their pre-determined destination. This will allow a sense of comfort and ease, coupled with high-tech security and safety features, to users who are looking for an alternative to public or private transportation options.

What This Means for Shippers

While some of these changes are already here, many are still in the final stages of development, meaning there may be some time before they become available commercially. However, experts estimate that self-driving cars and drone deliveries will be officially on the scene by 2020. But what does this mean for consumers and companies offering delivery options? Surely this fancy new technology means prices will skyrocket, right?

Actually, this could mean more affordable shipping options for all parties! For fleet services and shipping companies, this will mean you can cut down on expenses and transportation times since trucks and cars will be automated. Drivers can either rest while the vehicle continues on its route – or they may be able to operate them completely remotely.

Automation in areas such as last-mile deliveries – which is a term that describes the trip that cargo takes from the transportation hub to its final destination – can help save time and money on deliveries. Robots and drones can help companies save money on gas and drivers, and can allow them to travel on surfaces or through areas traditional cars or trucks cannot. For example, major chains like FedEx, Pizza Hut, and Walmart teamed up earlier this year to test a delivery robot that can traverse streets, sidewalks, and even stairs at up to 10 miles an hour – completely automatically!

While this may not be available on a wide scale for smaller businesses and freight forwarding companies, it can still help pave the way for more affordable automation options for small businesses. Plus, the potential for return on your investment is high since this type of technology can help to save more on transportation costs in the long run!

Turn to the Future with Promptus

While technology continues to evolve around us, our needs remain the same across a global scale. The need to communicate, travel and transport goods from different countries demands constant improvements. Importers and exporters, for example, can utilize remote filing options and advanced supply chain tools to help streamline their services. At Promptus LLC, we offer freight forwarding services to help facilitate LTL shipments internationally using technology and automation tools. Call us toll-free at 1-877-776-6799 to get a quote today!