Learn How to Avoid These Costly Mistakes to Maximize Efficiency

In freight shipping, too many companies find themselves making the mistake of overlooking minor details, which can result in major fees and delays in the shipping process. Moving cargo is a comprehensive process that requires many steps in order to run smoothly. It can be tempting to want to move quickly through paperwork and submit generalized weights or freight class designations, but this can cost you both time and money in the long run.

Additionally, not only can taking the extra care and attention to double-check your work save you in unnecessary fees, you can also build customer satisfaction by showing your clients you are willing to go the extra mile.

Promptus LLC has been dedicated to providing their customers with quality freight forwarding services since 2001, which is why we want to help you devise a system that allows you to best assist your clients.

Poor Planning Can be a Costly Mistake

One of the biggest mistakes made when coordinating freight movements is not planning the shipments properly. Proper execution can make a world of difference during the shipping process and can help save you many unnecessary headaches. You may even find you save money and limit liability by taking the extra step to ensure everything from shipping weights to packing is accurate.


When purchasing boxes and packaging materials, it is often cheaper to buy in bulk, and in some cases, you find you end up with boxes that are just not quite right to accommodate certain shipments. In the long run, you’ll spend more on having to sufficiently reinforce or situate the product than you would on purchasing the right packaging in the first place.

Shipping Weight

Some companies simply do not have the right tools to properly weigh shipments, while others rely on an estimate or a general weight for the bulk of their shipments. This may seem like a minor detail that wouldn’t result in a dramatic change in cost, but you would be wrong. If your package is re-weighed and your estimate was wrong, you’ll be charged additional fees and the difference in shipping costs.

Freight Classification

It’s not uncommon for a business to try and cut costs by trying to ship items at the lowest class available, as this is often the cheapest option. However, an improperly labeled freight classification can result in extra fees if reclassification is required.

Incorrect Address

This might seem like a trivial detail to mention, but it is one of the most common shipping mistakes made by companies both large and small. Don’t rush through the motions! Take the time to individually verify that the shipping address on the order matches what is listed on the physical cargo and packing slips. Having to coordinate a return shipment and redelivery will cost twice as much and will ultimately waste necessary resources.

Take the Extra Step – Ensure Error Free Shipments

The most cost-efficient tip any company can receive is simple: check your work! Take the time to double-check your paperwork and ensure it is mistake-free; dot all the I’s and cross all the T’s before clearing cargo for delivery. For all shipments, devise a detailed packing list that clearly lists the origin and destination ports, as well as descriptions of the cargo, including the weight and dimensions of the pallet or package itself. This can help you, your clients, and organizations such as US Customs and TSA to better handle and transport the package smoothly.

At Promptus LLC, we understand that successfully executing freight shipments is the most important part of any company that wants to get their goods safely in the hands of their consumers. In addition to freight forwarding, we offer warehousing & distribution services, ocean shipping, and customs brokerage to help ensure the highest quality in logistic services available around the globe. Call us for your quote today!