Documentation Issues Can Mean Cargo Delays

Shipping delays are not only an inconvenience to both the shipper and recipient, but they can mean hefty fees if there are errors on the exporter’s or importer’s end. It is the responsibility of the shipper to ensure all the packaging, paperwork, and documentation is correct before coordinating a shipment, whether it is domestic or international. For shipments heading to different countries, delays caused by things like improper packaging, incorrect documentation, missing documentation, or mislabeled cargo may be the cause of delays.

Preventing Shipping Hold Ups

When it comes to freight forwarding, it is essential for the exporter to be detail-oriented to ensure no mistakes take place when preparing their cargo for transport. In addition to coordinating shipping routes that are both safe and efficient, it is the responsibility of the exporter to properly package their goods and put together shipping documents that accurately reflect the cargo that is being transported.

Having a licensed Freight Forwarder and US Customs Broker can help exporters and importers who are shipping goods to and from the United States ensure the proper steps are in place for a smooth movement of the cargo.

Here some common mistakes made by Exporters and Importers that are out of the control of the carrier, the freight forwarder, or Customs Broker, resulting in delays.

  • a) Errors in the Commercial Invoice: wrong description, wrong HTS, wrong number of pieces, etc.
  • b) Bill of Lading on hold at destination by the carrier (this applies when the shipper is hiring the carrier directly for the freight.)
  • c) Importer not registered with the proper PGA (Partner Government Agency) if required.
  • d) Incomplete documentation tendered to transportation company picking up cargo at shipper’s location.
  • e) Shipper not meeting documentation cut-offs.
  • f) Wrong contact person at loading location / wrong reference number for pick-up.
  • g) Load wrong equipment at pick-up location. This may happen when at the loading location there are multiple containers or trailers being loaded simultaneously and warehouse personnel loads cargo in the wrong container or trailer.
  • h) Not having proper hazmat placards (if applicable) or container seal, etc.

How to Handle a Cargo Delay

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