The CAFTA-DR Short Supply List is essentially a collection of textile materials that are considered scarce or nonexistent in the needed quantities within the FTA countries as specified in the treaty’s rules of origin. These materials are vital for the manufacturing of products and therefore must be sourced out of the CAFTA-DR region.

It is important to understand how items make it onto this list and what kinds of items are commonly included. This list is constantly being updated with inclusion or removal of materials.

A complete list of products for the current Short Supply list can be found on the website of OTEXA (The Office of Textiles and Apparel) under the following link:


How Does a Product/Material Get on the Short Supply List?

The process for materials to be included on the Short Supply List involves many steps and can take up to 44 days to complete after the initial petition is filed. It begins with interested party or parties, which can range from businesses to industry groups, formally submitting a request to the Committee for the Implementation of Textiles Agreements (CITA).

These requests serve as the foundation for consideration. They must contain a comprehensive explanation of why the item is experiencing a shortage, an analysis of its impact on various industries, and substantiated data supporting these claims. Once these requests are presented to the authorities, they begin an assessment. During this phase, authorities closely examine the provided information, diving into market data, evaluating production capabilities, and researching supply-demand trends. In addition, authorities may engage in consultations with relevant stakeholders, such as industry representatives, to gather a diverse range of opinions and ensure that the decision ultimately benefits the broader economy.

Following this evaluation, a final determination is made regarding the item’s inclusion on the Short Supply List. If the request is approved, the item is formally added to the list, it is published in the Federal Register and it becomes subject to specific conditions and regulations governed by the CAFTA-DR treaty.

But can a product be removed from the Short Supply List?

As explained by the International Trade Administration, the answer is Yes.

“A request to remove a product must wait for 6 months after a product has been added to the list in an unrestricted quantity. For example, if a product is added to the list on January 1, a request to remove the product may not be submitted prior to July 1”.

“If CITA determines that the product is available in commercial quantities in a timely manner in the U.S. or CAFTA-DR countries, a Federal Register notice will be published, stating that the product will be removed from the Annex 3.25 List six months from publication of the notice”.

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