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4 Steps Essential to Successfully Importing Trademarked Goods

Create a Shipping Checklist to Ensure You Don’t Miss Anything Important

successfully importing trademarked goods


When it comes to shipping trademark goods anywhere, you will need to take special care to ensure all the necessary paperwork has been obtained, filled out, and filed properly. As you can imagine, US Customs and Border Protection can be quite strict when it comes to shipping intellectual property both nationwide and internationally. read more

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Making These Common Shipping Mistakes?

Learn How to Avoid These Costly Mistakes to Maximize Efficiency

common shipping mistakes


In freight shipping, too many companies find themselves making the mistake of overlooking minor details, which can result in major fees and delays in the shipping process. Moving cargo is a comprehensive process that requires many steps in order to run smoothly. It can be tempting to want to move quickly through paperwork and submit generalized weights or freight class designations, but this can cost you both time and money in long run. read more

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Successfully outsourcing your Fulfillment Operation to a 3PL

Everything You Need to Know to Transition Your Business Successfully

moving fulfillment operation


Making changes to your business’s fulfillment operations is an important step. Whether you are upgrading from an in-house logistics team or switching to a different fulfillment company such as Promptus, making a smooth transition is important to ensure that your business operations don’t suffer in the process. read more

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3 Powerful Tools That Evolved the Trade and Logistics World

Discover What Innovations Changed How Companies Do Business

evovled trade and logistics

Like any industry, the world of global logistics and trade has changed and evolved over decades thanks to ever-developing technology and discoveries. Many times, there are notable items that are introduced that can change the way an industry operates. Oftentimes, they are considered noteworthy because they can boost business efficiency, security, or simply make a job easier for the client, customer, or both! In the list below, Promptus highlights a few that have been regarded as some of the more notable tools to be introduced to global trade and logistics. read more

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19 Shipping Terms Every Business Should Know

Learn to Communicate More Effectively With Shipping Companies

19 shipping terms

Ever find yourself in a situation where you are dealing with a business practice you are unfamiliar with and you can’t understand any of the jargon being used? You are not alone! Many fields have a unique lingo that is used to describe industry specific items and occurrences. While it is not expected for you to be well-versed in the turns being used by your dentist, lawyer, or shipping company, it could be beneficial for you to brush up on some commonly used terms so you’re not left in the dark. read more

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US FMC Eases Ocean Transportation Rules

ocean shipping
The US Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) has voted to amend its rules involving Service Contracts and NVOCC Service Arrangements (NSAs) in order to ease regulatory burdens and make the agency’s rules more consistent with how the ocean shipping business is now practiced. read more

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US Customs Bond: When You Need It and How to Obtain One

Understanding the Requirements for Customs Bonds To Import Goods Into The Country

us customs bond

What Is a Customs Bond?

A bond is required by Customs and Border Protection (CBP) for any party who imports goods or transports imported goods through the United States. It acts as a sort of insurance policy for CBP to ensure that they are reimbursed in the event the shipping party does not meet their obligations. This CBP bond is essentially a contract that is used to guarantee the requirements imposed by the CBP are satisfied. read more

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Another Fulfillment Job from A to Z

Cargo (basketballs) are picked up at the factory in China and shipped via ocean containers to our warehouse in Miramar. At our location we assemble the basketballs (inflate, individual packaging, & palletize) to be delivered to the final consignee in Miami as orders are placed. read more

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What Documents Are Required For US Imports?

Know What Is Necessary To Successfully Clear Customs

documents required for us imports

Many businesses rely on goods imported into the US as a revenue source. Successfully clearing shipments through Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is a necessity for importing into the US. It doesn’t matter whether you are a large corporation or a small business owner; the import requirements of the CBP apply to everyone. This means that cargo that crosses the border may sometimes be subject to duties and Customs clearance procedures. Sounds easy enough, right? Well, it is – assuming you don’t forget one of the documents and make a mistake that could cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars. read more

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Are You Filing an ISF For Your US Bound Cargo?

What Information is Required to File Other Than IE & TE Shipments

filing an isf for US cargo

Will you be importing goods via ocean shipping into the United States? Then you will need to file what is commonly referred to as the “10+2” initiative. The Importer Security Filing (ISP) is a regulation enforced by Customs and Border Protection (CBP) that states importers and vessel carriers need to provide electronic data to the CBP for all ocean imports. This is not the same as the CBP bond that is required for all in-bound shipments. read more

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