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SOLAS, IMO, and Other Important Maritime Acronyms

Learn About the Organizations Improving Safety At Sea

solas IMO and other maritime acronyms

When it comes to regulating and governing the thousands of cargo ships that are travelling the world’s waterways on a daily basis it can’t be the responsibility of any one government but of all governments interested in a well-functioning mechanism to secure standardization, consistency and proper guidelines to protect the shipping industry and most importantly the lives of those of at sea. read more

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Two of the Most Important Organizations in International Shipping

Who Are IMO and IATA?

most important organizations in international shipping

The fact is that the world of today could not exist without International shipping and knowing the regulations and the processes that are involved in the shipping of goods around the world is of vital importance. There are two very important organizations that have been and are of major support to the shipping industry: IMO and IATA. read more

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10 Important Questions to Ask Your Freight Forwarder

Staying Informed Can Help You Pick The Best Logistics Service

10 questions to ask freight forwarder

Cargo shipping and transport is a valuable service, utilized by countless industries worldwide. However, not everyone knows exactly what they need or how to facilitate the import or export of goods. That’s where a 3PL comes in, also known as a third-party logistics company. read more

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How is Oversized Cargo Transported Overseas?

Extra Large Shipment? Learn About Your Ocean Transport Options

how is oversized cargo transported overseas

Do you have a large amount of cargo that you need to ship internationally? Are you having trouble finding options to transport your merchandise? Promptus, LLC is here to assist. Instead of worrying about the logistics of exporting your goods and wondering whether it is too large or will incur additional fees, trust in our professionals. We offer freight forwarding services to help you coordinate shipments both big and small, which leaves you free to take care of business. read more

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OTR (over the road) and Intermodal Transportation

Discover the Benefits of Both and How They Differ

otr and intermodal transportation Source

When it comes to transporting goods, there are a number of different methods you can use to ship merchandise from point A to point B. The question is, which do you choose? Which is going to be the most cost-efficient while ensuring that your items arrive safely to their destination?
There are two essential modes of land transportation: OTR (over the road) and Intermodal (combination of rail and truck). Both are commonly used, but then the question remains, should you opt for an OTR shipment or coordinate intermodal transportation? read more

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What Happens When Import Cargo Is Put on Hold by Customs

Understanding the Different Types of US Customs Holds and Exams

cargo put on hold by customs Source

Picture this scenario: after weeks of production at the factory and hundreds of emails and phone calls, your cargo is finally ready to ship from the manufacturing country to the US. You are rushing against the clock, working diligently to deliver to your customers. At first, everything seems to be going well; your cargo arrives at the destination port, then all of a sudden, your customs broker is advised that your shipment is on Customs Hold. read more

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Major Container Ports Around the World

Learn More About the Top 10 International Import/Export Ports

ports around the world

Every year, hundreds of container ports throughout the world receive merchandise at their docks. Some maintain a regular influx of goods annually, where others surpass “regular” and go straight for extraordinary. The average ship makes about two port calls a week, with easily over 9,000 occurring in a single year. For high-traffic ports, workers can easily unload over 10,000 linear ships in a single week. read more

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How Does Your Cargo Move When in the Air?

Discover How Your Merchandise Travels To Its Destination

how cargo moves in air

Over the course of one calendar year, airline transports report over 52 million metric tons of goods being shipped through their airlines annually. Cargo averages about 9% of airline revenue.

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) deduces that, in 2018, the value of merchandise carried by air transport will exceed over $6.2 trillion. As a whole, this represents about 35% of global trade by value, though it still accounts for less than 1% of world trade by volume. Overall, this equals around $6.8 trillion worth of merchandise being shipped in the sky every year. That’s $18.6 billion being shipped via air freight a day! read more

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Less-Than-Load Shipping: What Is It and When Should I Use It?

Discover the Advantage of LTL Shipping and How It Can Maximize Efficiency

less than load shipping Source

What is LTL Freight Shipping?

If you are regularly shipping cargo, whether it is domestically or internationally, you will likely come across many shipping terms with which you may be unfamiliar. Whether you have heard it before or not, if you are planning on shipping cargo between 150 lbs – 15,000 lbs, you will likely come across the term “less-than-truckload” when reviewing your transport options. Commonly stylized as LTL, this term refers to cargo that is too small or does not weigh enough to fill up an entire shipping truck trailer. read more

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Do You Know How Your Cargo Moves Overseas?

Learn More About The Movements of Your Liner Shipping Containers During Transit

A liner ship, if you are unfamiliar with the term, refers to a cargo ship that has the capability of transporting warehouses (yes, plural!) of merchandise. The goal is to maximize efficiency when transporting goods by using one ship for a myriad of companies. Currently, there are over 6,000 containerships in play, with about 400 companies offering liner services around the world. Many of these ships were built in 1980 and will travel the distance from earth to the moon practically ten times! That’s nearly 2 million miles! read more

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