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CAFTA-DR (Central America – Dominican Republic Free Trade Agreement)

cafta dr agreement

The Central America – Dominican Republic Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA-DR) is the first agreement of this nature between the United States and a group of smaller developing economies which include our Central American neighbors: Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, as well as the Dominican Republic. The CAFTA-DR promotes stronger trade and investment ties, prosperity, and stability throughout the region and along our Southern border. read more

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Driverless Vehicles and Drone Deliveries: The Future of Logistics

Changing the Way We Ship and Receive Goods

the future of logistics

In the last few years, huge strides have been made in the way items are delivered to our homes. Food options, for example, have evolved well beyond the traditional pizza and Chinese options, going so far as to provide instant delivery from restaurants miles away from an app on your smartphone, used by busy parents, working professionals, or just about anyone who simply doesn’t want to leave their house. Plus, with popular online retailers offering lightning fast delivery options, like one-day or even same-day services, customers all over the world are enjoying the benefits of these advancements. read more

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Learn the Ins and Outs of Fulfillment and Warehousing Automation

Discover How a Dimensioner Can Change Your Shipping Experience

fulfillment and warehousing automation

When shopping online or placing a wholesale order, many people don’t put much thought into anything but the items they want. In reality, there is a very complex system in place that helps ensure the proper items are distributed to the correct recipients on a day-to-day basis. Even when purchasing items in a store, there are a lot of components that go into ensuring the items on the shelf arrive at their destination from the original warehouse or manufacturer. read more

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Take Advantage of Paperless and Remote Customs Filing

advantage of paperless and remote filing

In today’s world, nearly everything can be done remotely. Thanks to the technology behind the Internet of Things (IoT), we have the ability to submit, store, and share information from just about anywhere. Even everyday tasks like starting a car, controlling the AC, checking security cameras, or shopping can be done remotely. Information like this can be sent from one device or location to another in just a few minutes, all at the click of a button! read more

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How Technology Has Influenced Today’s Logistics

Have Operations Changed For the Better?

how technology influenced todays logistics

In today’s era, technology is the driving force behind almost everything. We use it to keep in touch with our loved ones, run our businesses, and get around. Popular tools, such as Bluetooth, AI, and GPS, are constantly advancing to help streamline everything from communication to travel, which means businesses have to stay on top of these changes to adapt. read more

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Common Reasons For Shipping Setbacks: Shipper or Importer Delays

Documentation Issues Can Mean Cargo Delays

shipping setbacks shipper delays

Shipping delays are not only an inconvenience to both the shipper and recipient, but they can mean hefty fees if there are errors on the exporter’s or importer’s end. It is the responsibility of the shipper to ensure all the packaging, paperwork, and documentation is correct before coordinating a shipment, whether it is domestic or international. For shipments heading to different countries, delays caused by things like improper packaging, incorrect documentation, missing documentation, or mislabeled cargo may be the cause of delays. read more

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Common Reasons For Shipping Setbacks: External Causes

Learn More About Factors that Can Impact Your Shipping Times

shipping delays external causes

Sometimes, forces beyond our control can disrupt carefully laid plans, especially when it comes to shipping services. Weather, foreign politics, port congestion, international holidays, and other external factors can affect shipping times for merchandise traveling all over the world. Many of these forces can be hard to predict due to their nature. At Promptus LLC, we recommend familiarizing yourself with the situations and what may cause them, so you can account for various setbacks when coordinating shipping services. read more

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Common Reasons For Shipping Setbacks: Carrier Delays

Is Your Cargo Behind Schedule? Your Shipping Company May Know Why

common shipping setbacks

Shipping timelines are often stringent, and meeting deadlines is an essential aspect of maintaining customer expectations. Unfortunately, the fact is that cargo does not always arrive on time, as many factors can contribute to potentially delaying the arrival of your merchandise. In this blog we will cover those factors inherent to the carrier and in subsequent blogs we will deal with other causes of delays non related to the carriers. read more

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Everything You Need to Know About IMO’s IMDG and IATA’s DGR

Learn the Importance of Properly Shipping Dangerous Goods

what-you need to know imo imdg and dgr

Working with dangerous goods can be – well, dangerous – so it is essential to adhere to specific rules and regulations to lessen the chance of accidents. When shipping hazardous materials, the risk can be higher, especially if the shippers and everybody involved in the supply chain do not follow proper packing and storing instructions. Governing organizations like the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and the Internal Maritime Organization (IMO) are responsible for overseeing and enforcing guidelines, codes, and ordinances that help to keep the crew, cargo, and transport vessels safe. read more

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Most common causes of Cargo Ship Accidents

Errors in Packaging Could Mean Bad News For Cargo Ships

cargo ship accidents

The world of cargo is immense, with millions of tons transported by containerships every year. Just like trucks or airplanes, there is a potential for mishaps to occur in the ocean. Thankfully, maritime accidents are not commonplace, and there are plenty of regulations in place to help avoid tragedies onboard and in the port. But, of course, it is essential to be prepared for anything and to know how to reduce the chance of any possible mishaps. read more

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